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December 15th, 2007

This video clip is part two from the clip I posted on December 8th. If you have problem viewing the clip, click here.

December 14th, 2007

If your looking for free pictures of women wearing REAL (non-stretch) nylons, Genuine Nylons is for you! Genuine Nylons is a TGP site devoted to proper stockings (the kind that don't have any stretch in them and need a garter belt to hold them up!), such as RHT and Full Fashioned stockings.  If you aren't familiar with the term "TGP", it stands for "Thumbnail Gallery Post". TGP sites typically are a page full of small images (thumbnails) that are linked to individual galleries. Internet models use TGP sites as a way to promote their sites by putting together a small sample gallery of pictures from their website, It's a way of giving web surfers a glimpse of what their pay site has to offer. There are many TGP sites out there but Genuine Nylons is the only one that focuses strictly on vintage style (non-stretch) nylon stockings. So if you are a connoisseur of these types of stockings, this is the site for you:
December 13th, 2007
Nylon Model Emma
I have another nylon model for you today, and her name is Emma. She is a sexy housewife from the UK who likes to tease and please! Picture of Emma in stockings, bra and garter beltShe is fairly new to the web but from checking out her updates, you can see that she is always adding new photos and video clips to her site. You will find her in FF nylons, lingerie, high heels, and I even spotted a nurse outfit as well! Emma states on her site: "Let me fulfill your uniform and role-play fantasies!" You can check out more of Emma on her site here:
December 8th, 2007

I must warn you, this video is from the 1980's and quite cheesy! The clip is from part 1 of a promotional video that was shot for the girl group Apollonia 6. The group was known for only wearing lingerie (which is why I felt it fit in with the theme here). If you have problem viewing the clip, click here.
December 7th, 2007
 Vintage Fetish 

Exotique vintage fetish books

If you love vintage pin-up (ie: Bettie Page), the highest heels, fetish costumes, thigh boots, long gloves, exotic fashions, and domineering women, then you need the 3 book reprint set "Exotique"!  Exotique was a fetish magazine from the 1950's which was touted as 'A new magazine of the Bizarre and Unusual'. Each issue had a illustrated cover of a woman in all types of different fetish wear, but the theme usually remained the same: impossibly high heels, leather, corsets, gloves, stockings and/or boots. The contents of the magazine were mostly fictional stories focusing on corseting, wearing high heels, fur, satin, and leather with pictures and illustrations throughout. A few of the stories and articles in the book include:  "How do men like women to look?" , "My High Heeled Darling" and "Chastity belts for Men". But one of the best sections of each magazine, in my personal opinion, was the correspondence section. I remember reading a letter about a woman who forced her husband into women's clothing, with the help of a couple of strong female friends. Another reader wrote in complaining of his wife's desire to dress for attention (dress to tight or low cut, heels too high, etc.). The first 36 issues of this magazine were reprinted by Taschen in 1998 and can still be found at or on ebay. 

John Willlie's BizarreJohn Willie's Bizarre is another reproduction set by Taschen. The original magazines were published from 1946-1959. While these are out of print, the reprint can still be found at Amazon and sometimes ebay as well. Bizarre is similar to Exotique with the focus on leather, high heels, boots, and exotic fashions and costumes but there was also a heavy bondage theme found in the stories, correspondence letters and illustrations & photos. Both of these books are definitely worth adding your fetish library!
December 4th, 2007
Mistress Jessica pics
Mistress Jessica has contributed a sample FF stockings gallery from her web site. With over 13,000 exclusive lingerie and stockings pics, this is just a small taste of what her website has to offer!
December 3rd, 2007
Nylonzine #22 Released!

Nylonzine is a unqiue nylons site in that they offer their content in a magazine format. Upon visiting their site, at the main page, you are greeted by a photo of a model in retro lingerie (girdle, bra, gloves, seamed stockings). Clicking on the "Magazine" button will get you more information about the current issue and back issues. The magazine was originally free, but I guess in 2007 they decided to change that and charge a subscription fee to cover the work that goes into each issue.  I believe the magazine is comprised of photos contributed by various internet models, along with interviews and articles.
December 3rd, 2007
New Burlesque hats from Marquis!!

Sexy 1940's style hat  So this post isn't really related to lingerie, unless you think of hats as an accessory to go with lingerie. I got a email from Marquis about their new line of dainty little hats which they are calling "Burlesque". Some of the hats (like the black one pictured) have a define 1940's/ Dita Von Teese vibe to them. 

Elegant red hat with veil Where as the rest of the hats have more of a Victorian era/Elegant Gothic Lolita feel. These hats might interest you if you are into recreating that retro look, or if you're a model who looks for interesting accessories for a photo shoot. It's a pity that fancy hats went out of vogue along with gloves, girdles and seamed stockings. I always thought they were a rather dramatic & stunning accessory. But fortunately, seamed stockings, girdles, gloves and these sexy little hats can still be purchased today! Ah, the beauty of the internet and having everything at your fingertips!  You can check out the whole line of Marquis Burlesque hats here: Burlesque Hats
December 2nd, 2007

This is a really cute clip I came across on YouTube. The model is "Rose Dashwood" (I'm guessing that's a moniker for the web) and she loves retro style clothing & lingerie. Her website isn't quite ready yet, but you can visit it here: If you can't view the video, click here
December 2nd, 2007
Lingerie and Legs features:  Satin Jayde

Nylon model Jayde in stockings

Jayde is a nylon model who has been on the web for 7 years now. She originally started out with a free site that she updated when she had time, but she's recently opened a new pay site that she updates on a regular basis with videos and photo galleries. Picture of Satin Jayde Jayde wears both stockings and pantyhose on her site, along with high heels, sexy dresses, short skirts, lingerie and the occasional costume. (And for those of you that prefer more 'naughty' stuff, Jayde has that as well.) Check out Satin Jayde for more nylon leg tease!






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